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"Snowed Inn" Resort is a location in Wasteland 3.


Before the bombs fell, this was a popular vacation retreat. Now it's home only to wild animals and an insurgent force on the run from the Patriarch.

Points of interest[]

  • This is where the confrontation with the Dorseys ends. Bring Lucia Wesson along for the ride and you'll be able to give her a little closure - or just get revenge for the cowardly attack on the Ranger convoy. It's worth leaving this location until later, to allow your Nerd Stuff to reach level 9. This will make the subsequent confrontations much easier.
  • You start off at the southern end of the map. Before you is a large level 9 gate you can hack with Nerd Stuff to allow the Kodiak to take part in the confrontation, otherwise you need to do a little legwork. The western cabin has a mine and a container on the way, a level 7 alarm tripwire, and a level 1 door. It's worth making your way through to gain the melee combat skill book, as well as general loot.
  • The cabin to the right is even more worthwhile. Wipe out the Dorseys and their bloodbeasts, then dig at the base of the cliff for the Zen Zoey! Enter the cabin and loot it for an Owl of Minerva from the toaster (this is also where the Provost will chime in, if he's tagging along, and give you the location of a mysterious cave). Use the switch to open the second gate into the bunker.
  • Now that the bunker is open, time for the piece de resistance: Dealing with the Dorsey main force. You can attack from the eastern cabin while bringing the Kodiak up through the main entrance to make the combat a little easier (the warbot is a bitch). Nelius Dorsey is in the final room, and will give up as you approach.

Well, now that’s a plot twist I did not expect. It looks like the Dorseys wanted free elections in Colorado, but Lucia’s father Percival was blindly loyal to the Patriarch.

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It was Mr. Wesson who ended up massacring the Dorseys with only a handful surviving the purge. That’s when the Dorseys swore vengeance, eventually attacking the Ranger convoy and murdering Lucia’s family.

You have the option to let Lucia claim her vengeance.

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There is, however, one more thread — Percival Wesson. Lucia’s father is being held hostage by Liberty Buchanan. You probably won’t know where her base is until much later in the game. You’ll need to take care of Valor and Victory first. Then, you’ll meet a familiar face who tells you where Liberty is encamped.

For now, though, grab all the loot in the cabin.


Notable loot[]