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Considered the ultimate weapon, the AH-6503 Attack Helicopter was a new addition to the US Army conventional arsenal, armed with enough weapons to level two villages without having to return to base for refueling and rearming.[1] This system is augmented by an automated defense system that retaliates against any threats to the vehicle to the full extent of the AH-6503's firepower.

The craft has two engines powering the rotor. The pilot's seat is locked forward when not used in order to prevent any unauthorized or unqualified personnel from using it.


The Attack Helicopter appears in the Guardian Citadel in Wasteland and can be used to reach several locations in the game world, including Base Cochise, where it sweeps the outside clear of robots. Its designation is mentioned in a fake paragraph.


  1. Paragraphs#19: "The screen flashes to life with Capt. Phil Thomas's personnel file, Aside from test scores and other nonsense you read, "Capt. Thomas's performance in the village strafing runs was admirable. The AH-6503 attack helicopter performed at the height of technical specs and destroyed two small Mexican villages before having to return to base and reload. The AH-6503 is the ultimate weapon.""