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A Nightmare in the Bizarre is a quest in Wasteland 3.


Flab the Inhaler, leader of the Monster Army, wants us to investigate whoever has attacking his people from the Warrens.


  • The intro to this quest is simple: You enter the Bizarre, only to be greeted by a pig wrapped in dynamite charge in and explode, killing two patrons. You'll be directed to talk to Flab the Inhaler by pretty much everyone. When met, he will ask you to investigate the warrens below the Bizarre and see what's going on there. You can get some upfront payment with Barter 6 and inform him about the Los Payasos you ran into in the Bizarre exterior (if you did run into them). He will explain that they are a rogue gang of clowns believing in nothing and destroying everything.
  • Head down to the Warrens and find Lieutenant Chuckles in the central area. Kill him and collect part 1 of the limerick. You need all parts to be able to access the Payasos camp and deal with the threat at the source.
  • Another is found on Lieutenant Giggles in the southeastern corner and another Giggles in the diner, just west of her.
  • Once you have them, head north from the prison block, using Sneaky Shit 3 to disable the alarm, and enter the limerick lines at the terminal. Defeat Ditso Gogo and his henchmen, along with The Great Gurn, their spy. Loot Ditso for the Ditso's letter and a key to his safe. Return to Fab to report on your success.


Raw strings[]

A Nightmare in the Bizarre
Report back to Flab the Inhaler.
Investigate the Warrens.
Flab is dead. There is no way to complete this mission.
We returned to Flab and recieved a reward.
Clear the Warrens of Payasos.
Report back to Flab the Inhaler inside the Bizarre.
Talk to the person in charge of the Bizarre.
Someone is terrorizing the Monster Army and the inhabitants of the Bizarre.
Flab the Inhaler, leader of the Monster Army, wants us to investigate whoever has attacking his people from the Warrens.\n\n\n[Reward: [Dropset: DRP_Flab_Skillbook_Reward]]
Los Payasos have taken over the Warrens and are using it as a base to launch attacks on the Bizarre. We need to cull the clown population.
Los Payasos have been defeated. Flab will be happy to learn that the Bizarre can return to peaceful commerce.
The Monster Army will attack us on sight. There is no way to complete this mission.
Flab thanked us for eliminating the circus of horrors.
We left the Bizarre without taking care of the Payasos. The Monster Army is doomed.
Something strange is going on in the Bizarre, but the Monster Army seems to be trying to keep it quiet. We should talk to their boss.
We found Flab's missing people. Looks like they were murdered by killer clowns.
We were told to speak with Flab, the leader of the Bizarre. He's up the stairs at the far end of the main floor.
We found a door that requires us to enter the lines of a Payaso limerick. We should search the Warrens for clues."