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I'm Ace. Please get me out of here.

Ace a recruitable NPC in Wasteland and can be found in a cell in the basement of Ugly's Hideout in Quartz. Wasteland 2 begins shortly after his death.


He's in town from Las Vegas, looking for some good fighters against the Base Cochise death machines. He was sent by Faran Brygo, looking to bolster the defenses of the town after losing Max. Ace was recruited by the Rangers and continued to serve with them well beyond the destruction of Base Cochise. Together with Vargas' team, he defeated Finster and the AI, then chose to remain by their side and rebuild the Citadel from scratch, ushering in a new age of Ranger prosperity.

Upon reaching the rank of Captain, he was supposed to retire in early 2102 and settle down with Angela Deth, his love, partner, and inspiration. However, before retirement he agreed to make one last mission, to attach repeater units to major radio antennas in Arizona. That way , the Rangers could locate the origin of a mysterious broadcast and send a strike team. Ace made the mistake of going alone, without Angela, and was ambushed and killed by a synth at the radio tower. His body was recovered by the Rangers and given a proper burial.

Ranger team Echo steps into his shoes moments after the last shovelful of dirt is placed upon his coffin, sent by General Vargas to complete Ace's mission alongside the bereaved and vengeful Angela.


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Ace can repair the Jeep.


Aside from his appearance in Wasteland, his funeral is depicted in the Wasteland 2 intro.