Ace a recruitable NPC in Wasteland and can be found in a cell in the basement of Ugly's Hideout in Quartz. He has the ability to repair your Jeep. He dies before the events of Wasteland 2.

Wasteland 2Edit

in Wasteland 2 you attend Captain Ace's "retirement party", and are assigned by General Vargas to investigate his murder while also recovering his log book and the repeater units he was carrying.


Ace used to work as a driver and mechanic for Faran Brygo, who sent him south to recruit some good fighters for bolstering the defenses of Las Vegas against hostile robots, after losing Max who had mysteriously disappeared.

At Quartz he was locked up in a cage by Ugly John after pissing him off, but was rescued by a team of Desert Rangers led by Snake Vargas and recruited into their organization. He directed them to Brygo and helped them in their journey to stop the robot menace.

After the destruction of Base Cochise, Ace continued to serve among the Desert Rangers and acquired the rank of "Captain". Over time, many younger Rangers started lookinh up to him. He also developed a romantic relationship with Angela Deth.

He was supposed to retire in 2102 and a retirement party was planned in his honor. His last assignment was finding the source of a mysterious broadcast threatening the Rangers. Whilst travelling, he met Samuel Haas, a snake squeezins salesman who decided to tag along with him.

After attaching a repeater unit to the radio tower north of the Ranger Citadel, he was attacked by one of Matthias' synth. Both of them were grievously injured in the ensuing fight and eventually died while trying to crawl away from the encounter site.

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