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Ace's wrench is a unique blunt weapon in Wasteland 2.


While this wrench has obviously seen many years of hard use, Angela has spent quite a bit of time cleaning and caring for Ace's second most prized possession.


Can attack diagonally.

The weapon alerts enemies (generates noise) in a 10 unit radius.


  • Comes as part of Angela's default loadout.


After the events of Wasteland 2, Deth stashed the wrench in her locker. The locker was opened in the process of verifying Deth's identity two years after her disappearance.[1]


  1. No Way Home p.31: "“Ma’am, can you tell me something only Captain Deth would know?”
    Angela took a deep breath. “I left Ace’s wrench in my locker when I got on the helicopter to go to California.”
    Someone on the other end started hollering. There was a clattering sound and then a new voice spoke.
    “Holy shit,” Wade Woodson said. “Angie! It’s really you.”"