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Action Points is a derived statistic.

Wasteland 2[]

Action Points determines the amount of actions a character can make per combat turn. This value is the basic minimum value, which can increase with Luck bonuses or by carrying over extra Action Points in combat, or decrease if your Ranger is weakened.

Action Points are one of the most important stats available in Wasteland 2.

The value is determined according to the following formula:

Action Points = 3 + (Coordination/2) + ((Strength + Intelligence + Speed)/4)

All divisions are rounded down.

Wasteland 3[]

Action Points (AP) allow you to move, attack, and reload your weapons during combat. Each weapon costs a certain amount of AP to fire. You have enough left to fire your weapon again.

Coordination is the main source of Action Points given up to +5 AP at maximum attribute level.

The value is determined by simple formula:

Action Points = 6 + Coordination bonus (from +0 to +5)

However, this value can be modified by some trinkets, perks, abilities and status effects.

Once you've finished acting with a character, you may have Action Points left over. That's okay! You can put them to good use by opening your Quickbar and selecting one of your Final Actions - Ambush, Defend or Prepare.