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Wasteland 2 Beta
This page has information from the Wasteland 2 Beta and may not be accurate with the commercially available version.


The central complex is run over by mutated plants and its satellite dish has been destroyed by the plant growth. A bleeding Patrick Larsen will be found near the entrance, waiting for the Desert Rangers.

Dialog ChoicesEdit

  • Find a way to reach Damonta and set up a second radio repeater.
all choices
Dr. Patrick Larsen
  • Gunshots
    • Saboteur
    • Strength - HA lv2 - combat
  • Insects
  • Wounds
    • Doctor
  • Rangers
    • All - SA lv4
      • Nothing - KA lv?
        • Mechanical Monk - combat
        • Kill - combat
  • Goodbye - combat


  • Go ahead - The Prison marked on map
    • Damonta
    • Prison
    • Red Skorpions
  • Out - Radio Controller Circuit can now be removed from sat box


WL2 Ag Center Central Complex Destroyed Map Walkthrough
  • 1st safe to the West impossible? - so use explosives
  • Radio Controller Circuit in satellite dish box



Pic Name Location Info
Wl2 portrait scientist01Dr. Patrick Larsenentrancedialog - hostile
WL2PortraitDefaultEnemyExploding podseverywherePod Infection
Wl2 portrait fly01Infected Supafly x2Nhostile
Wl2 portrait infected 01Infected Pod Person x2Nhostile


  • Unity file name: AZ01_CentralComplex_Destroyed.unity3d
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