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This page has information from the Wasteland 2 Beta and may not be accurate with the commercially available version.
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The Ag Center is a location in Wasteland 2. It is known as the Agricultural Center in the original Wasteland.


After the Desert Rangers rescued the town from mutant animals and Harry the Bunny in 2087, its old leader now simply remembered as "Old Man" disappeared. While the settlement did okay it did not thrive as much as it did under him.

Matt Forestall, a Desert Ranger who had been giving serious thought to Ag Center, left the Rangers after he recuperated from a bullet wound. He became its leader and helped others in focusing on making the wasteland green again.

This is the second mission in Wasteland 2 and there is a choice whether to visit it before or after Highpool. You will get a distress call from both and will have to choose which to answer.

It turns out the nutrient supply systen was sabotaged by Dr. Patrick Larsen through a rapidly mutating fungal spore at the direction of the "Mechanical Monk".

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