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Aidian Bomositabo,[1] known as The Chisel, is a recruitable character found in the Atchison Camp.


In his own words, Chisel is the wasteland's most terrible warrior with a lifetime of terrifying accomplishments to his name. He repeatedly points out his history of terrible crimes and confronts the Rangers as they leave the Rail Nomads Camp asking if they are going to "arrest him". Taking him "into custody" effectively makes him a Ranger recruit and he becomes a member of their squad. While his talk of being a fearless killer is likely all bluster, his high strength and blunt weapons skills make him a valuable addition to the party.

As the acting security chief for Casey James, he takes care of protecting the territory of the Atchisons from Topekans and rail thieves. If the Ranger settle the blood feud, he will reveal that he feels useless now that the conflict between the two Rail Nomad factions has ended peacefully and that he is immensely grateful to be leaving with the Rangers as he is "tired of living in a yurt".


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Chisel will humorously flirt with both Hopi and Magee when visiting their shop in Damonta.


  • Chisel is a hardy tribal bodyguard, becoming available after settling the tribal conflict between the Atchisons and Topekans.
  • A capable close combat warrior, Chisel is built towards being a brawler or melee fighter rather than a ranged fighter, no matter what his portrait indicates.
  • Chisel will often remark on the Rangers' combat prowess in battle. He will sometimes either compliment a landed hit or chastise the Rangers for a miss.

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  1. Wasteland 2 :
    Chisel: Yeah, you know. For all my countless *crimes*. Why I bet you Rangers have a file on me a mile thick. I'm Aidian Bomositabo, known as "The *Chisel*." You musta heard of me. I'm the last of the hard men, you savvy?