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Air Force Academy Ruins is an unused location in Wasteland 3.


Formerly the United States Air Force Academy, the campus was famed for its high-peaked chapel, which still stands today. The underground was once the home of the Airforce Academy's science department, now strange cults and stranger phenomena reside here.

The Air Force Academy is the site of ain incredibly

Points of interest[]

  • Although the chapel is visible on the map, it cannot be entered at the present time. According to available data, this location would have featured:
    • Tourmaline, the "parent" of October-11 and the associated reactivity
    • Inspector Delgado, being tortured slowly to death alongside his family by Lars Odinkirk and his pals, if the Rangers shut Brygo's operation down.
    • A medical library with a book on neurosurgery for Doc Parker
    • Most importantly, the Holy Detonation, a nuclear explosion frozen in mid-detonation, that is an old world power source that could be used to break Colorado Springs' reliance on Gippers and their oil; the quest would have been obtained from Theodoric Curie and Megan Silver. After securing the detonation, typically by killing the Mushroom Cloud Cult off, the Rangers would be asked to find old technical manuals (United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission: Technical Specifications for Nuclear Power Generation Facilities, referencing the Temple of the Mushroom Cloud chant in Vegas) to help them convert the detonation to a proper energy source. The manuals would have been obtained from the Department of Energy Site, originally to the southwest of Colorado Springs.

Behind the scenes[]

Scouting Report from Advance Team [REDACTED]


Per orders have continued to maintain low profile in Colorado. Have changed bivouac location frequently, mostly avoiding hostile contact.

On [DATE REDACTED], PM, located apparently disused Air Force (AF) facility. Preliminary scouting indicated strong possibility for temporary shelter - one advantage being that locals steered clear. COLONEL [REDACTED] suggested full recon before establishing base camp.

We entered facility through maintenance door. Hand-drawn map enclosed. Proceeded to stairway labeled S1, leading down. Found some evidence of recent habitation - scattered papers, books, etc.. Most had been marked with mathematical formulas. Five (5) samples enclosed. Remainder in lockbox at [REDACTED].

Stairway descended into cavernous space beneath main floor of AF facility. No persons or animals appeared. Examined space thoroughly. Appearance suggested underground testing lab from before the war. Team unable to ascertain its precise dimensions due to walls and platforms that had been constructed apparently randomly throughout the area. The walls were primarily of stone and wood, like a medieval church or cathedral. SERGEANT [REDACTED] examined a few of the walls. Says they’re new construction - possibly past two (2) to three (3) months.

In center of chamber, fireball of plasma, appx. twenty meters (20m) across, suspended in midair. Fireball showed no sign of expansion, contraction, or movement. Geiger counter registered high levels of radiation. SERGEANT [REDACTED] suggests that it may have been some sort of arrested nuclear event.

At this time, team heard unidentified persons approaching and retreated to a concealed position. Group of appr. 15 potential hostiles entered. Subjects were a mix of males and females, some with missing limbs. Exposed flesh of subjects was blistered and red.

Potential hostiles remained unaware of our presence. Young female subject, appx. 25 years of age, was in their center. They spoke to her and touched her left arm - perhaps in ritual manner? Could not overhear speech clearly, but seemed like numbers and equations. Young female climbed a nearby platform and walked to the edge of the fireball. Skin began to blister and burn. At this point, she recited a series of mathematical equations in a loud voice. Tone was deferential, as if addressing senior officer or other lawful authority.

When finished, female subject thrust her left hand into fireball, up to the elbow, incinerating her limb. Subject was not heard to cry out or give any indication of pain. However, her comrades screamed and shouted in celebration. Add’l potential hostiles began to arrive from other entrances, so COLONEL [REDACTED] ordered an immediate retreat.

SUMMARY: Identity of potential hostiles remains unknown. We intend to avoid AF facility for foreseeable future per orders to avoid enemy contact. Expect add’l report in five (5) days as we continue our reconnaissance. Team [REDACTED] out.

~ Vignette describing the Cathedral of the Holy Detionation, published during WL3's Fig campaign