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Alexey Chuklin is a character found in Highpool


A slender man with a baseball cap covering his hair and droopy eyes. He smells like a skunk humped his leg. He is one of the more interesting inhabitants of the town, Chulkin is best defined as a drug-addled hippie. He is an outcast of the community, obsessing about the energy of life and communing with Gaia. He asks the Rangers to deliver a note to his soul mate in Highpool, but refuses to disclose the exact nature of him or her.

Chulkin has a knack for finding hard to get items and selling them at a high price.

He is located infront of his RV, in the Central-Western area of Highpool.


WL2 Skill Icon Hardass.png
This character is involved in quests.

Take Alexey's note to his 'soul mate' in Highpool


Behind the scenes[]

  • Alexey Chuklin is a tribute from inXile to Alexey Chuklin, a Russian Formula 3 driver who has made a significant Kickstarter contribution to the game.