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Angel Oracle is a location in Wasteland 2.

Background[ | ]

The Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum was commissioned in 1921 as a memorial to veterans of World War I. Construction took just 16 months and the Coliseum opened in June 1923 as the largest stadium in Los Angeles, with a capacity of 75,000. For the Olympics of 1932 the stadium was extended upwards with two new tiers, expanding seating to 101,000. The Olympic cauldron torch that is now the signature of the great stadium was added for the Olympics. In 1968, the Coliseum was rededicated to veterans of all wars.

The Coliseum was again part of the Olympics in 1984. For that, a pair of life-sized bronze statues of male and female athletes atop a 20 thousand pound frame formed the Olympic Gateway. From its very earliest days, the Coliseum has served as the home field for the University of Southern California Trojans football team, who played their first game there on October 6, 1923, beating Pomona College 23-7. This opening match for a crowd of 12 thousand was a modest beginning for a stadium and team that would build one of the richest histories in college football.

Additionally, countless historic sporting events have taken place within the Coliseum's venerable walls, including the aforementioned two Olympics, but also two Super Bowls (I and VII) and the 1959 World Series. The Coliseum also hosted famous events and concerts such as Nelson Mandela's triumphant return to the United States, Pope John Paul II's first Papal Mass in 1987, or Bruce Springsteen's record five sold out nights with a total attendance of 322,000 in 1985.

The Coliseum weathered the Great War of 1995 intact, with only minor structural damage. In the 21st century, it was settled by the Mannerites, who turned it into the largest and most prosperous settlement in the Los Angeles wetlands. Where Rodia is the jewel, the Oracle is definitely the crown. It was founded decades ago by the first Mr Manners and by 2102 boasts its own water supply, extensive agriculture, power (provided by solar collectors placed on derelict tribunes), and accommodations for both Mannerites and Robbinsons who inhabit it.

Layout[ | ]

Lindy LouElizavetaRoger YeeEthan WhiteJohnGene CronkFletcherArjuna RabindranathPaladinoMona SheraPress office: Mr Manners, radio towerSteam tunnel accessToaster with Baby RuthOsmondJonathan GitlinSandra's parentsAngel Oracle hospitalFreezers with human meat. Use Alarm Disarm, Lockpick, then destroy the cooler with Brute Force to force Mannerites to abandon cannibalism (unless Mister Manners orders the switch)Tori RobbinsonStoreroom and armorySheriff MarshallSam PostenLlewelynDiva's cage, triggers the quest to find the Blisterpaw cureGoochAngel Oracle graveyardStatueSandraDarlaWL2 Angel Oracle Map
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