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You kids remind me of us - Snake, Razor, Thrasher and me - back when we were just starting out. Thinkin' we were gonna save the future. Thinkin' none of us would ever die. What a joke. I... I... Aw, don't listen to me. If everybody started out old and jaded like me, nobody'd ever try to change the world. So you kids go ahead and give it a go. Maybe it'll work this time.

Angela Deth is one of the 4 starting party members in Wasteland, a recruitable follower in Wasteland 2, and a major character in Wasteland 3.



Born in 2067, Angela Deth hails from a strict religious community near the southern edge of the Arizona Wastes. When she entered her teenage years, she rebelled against everything the community stood for, almost ending up in the grave. She found the Desert Rangers after she woke up in their drunk tank one day. She joined them and has never looked back again.[1]

Wasteland 2[]

The red haired veteran was part of Ranger team Alpha that destroyed Base Cochise and saved the wasteland. She took command of Team Alpha from Snake Vargas after his promotion and eventually became synonymous with the Desert Rangers. She fell in love with Ace, an emotion that helped her cope with the horrors of the wasteland and the devastation they endured on a daily basis. When she lost Ace, she buried a part of herself with him, becoming harder, more cynical, but ever the Ranger.[1]

Angela participated in the early efforts of Team Echo, hoping to track down Ace's killer and bring them the leaden justice they deserved. After the Rangers identified the source of the signal in Los Angeles, she headed the advance party. The Citadel lost contact with her shortly after arriving in Angeles airspace, as she attempted a flyover of Seal Beach. After finding the wreckage with no trace of her body, the Rangers presumed Deth dead.[1]

Unbeknownst to them, Captain Deth was captured by the Children of the Citadel. Her mangled leg was replaced by a fine artificial leg attached to a power cell implanted in her chest, and she was put to work as a slave of Cochise, fitted with a cranial band that suppressed higher mental functions. Whenever she damaged it while carrying heavy loads, she would attempt an escape. However, she was unsuccessful until after Cochise AI and its minions were defeated. The unraveling Los Angeles operation eventually gave her an opening to broadcast a distress call. The LA Rangers, formed after Team Echo's return to Arizona, responded and helped her escape. Determined to return to Arizona, she managed to contact General Wade Woodson and returned there along with Brother Thomas and Pistol Pete, walking through the miles of radioactive wasteland separating California and Arizona.[2]

Wasteland 3[]

Thus, she managed to return to the Rangers after their second brush with Cochise, arriving in an Arizona teetering on the brink of collapse. Although she was much worse for the wear, including heavy facial scarring, secondary damage to her voice box and losing her left leg twice (she had the synth leg replaced with a regular prosthesis at Rodia due to her distrust of synthetic technology),[3] thanks to her grim determination, she returned to active duty.[4] She was selected by General Wade Woodson to lead the advance party into Colorado once more (she volunteered, in fact), and hasn't been seen since.[1] The reason for that is simple: Angela went dark after realizing that Patriarch Buchanan was not the benevolent leader his propaganda claimed, but a ruthless autocrat.

Despite calls to scrap the whole mission or at least change the terms, Ranger Command ignored her pleas. As such, Deth went rogue together with her squad,[5] all veterans of the Cochise Wars: Neil Thomas, Pistol Pete, and Takayuki.[6] Operating undercover, she investigated Colorado, unearthing dirt on the Patriarch's operations and past, most importantly, what happened with a certain warlord, Ironclad Cordite. When Team November arrives, she wastes no time in trying to pull them over to her side and depose the bloody Buchanan, while using Cordite to rally the gangs and take them eastwards, far away from Colorado.



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This character is a party member.


  • Angela is one of the default starting characters.

Wasteland 2[]

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This character is a party member.


  • Angela Deth is a recruitable character, available from the Ranger Citadel from the get-go. She has excellent assault rifle skills and weapon smithing, being very useful in any combat engagement.
  • Angela will interact with numerous characters in Arizona and react to the player uncovering news about Ace and his death.
  • She will kill Samuel Haas after the Rangers talk to him and she realizes he sold him out.
  • Angela will leave the party when the player enters the Canyon of Titan. She will also attack the party if they attempt to dig up Ace's grave.
  • In the Director's Cut, she disappears after being dismissed for the first time. This is likely intended behaviour, to lessen the chance she'll still be in the party when entering the Canyon of Titan, in which case the player either has to trek back to the Citadel or make do with only two followers for a long while.

Wasteland 3[]

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Lords of War

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The Psychopath
Promises Made, Promises Kept
Gangs All Here

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Angela Deth offers another solution for Colorado.


  • Angela Deth was the head of the first foray into Colorado. However, instead of cooperating with the Patriarch according to the orders of General Wade Woodson, she fled into the Colorado wilderness to wage a guerrilla war and find a way to depose the Father of Colorado.
  • Secret orders of Team November include locating Angela Deth and finding out what she's up to. You can choose to side with her over the Patriarch, and she will ask that you dispose of the Buchanans, offering Lords of War as proof that Buchanan isn't even remotely the benevolent dictator he says he is.



She comes equipped with a VP91Z 9mm pistol, 8 9mm clips, Rope, Canteen, Crowbar, Knife, Hand Mirror, and Match.

Wasteland 2[]

Wasteland 3[]

  • Assault rifle (level-dependent)


Behind the scenes[]


The stereotype of the rebellious redhead is alive and well in Angela Deth, probably the most famous living Desert Ranger-if she is still alive. Raised in a small, highly religious community, Angela had a falling out with the town elders when she decided that if there was a God, the inherent suffering of the Wasteland meant that God was evil. She left and never looked back, joining the Rangers after waking up in their drunk tank following an all-night bender. The rest is history.

As a member of Ranger Team Alpha, Angela fought her way to glory in the first Cochise conflict. In the years after, she assumed command of Team Alpha from Snake Vargas, and her name became synonymous with the Desert Rangers. If you were on the side of the angels, she was an angel of salvation. If you were a devil, she gave you death.

The life of a Ranger can grind a person's spirit and hopes to dust, and it might have gone that way for Angela had she not found Ace. Instead, the years they spent together gave them both the strength to shrug off the horrors of the wastes and carry on. When Ace died, Angela buried a part of herself with him and hasn't been the same since. She is harder now, more cynical, but still as dedicated to the Ranger cause as ever. She accompanied Team Echo in the early part of their investigation of the phantom radio signal, and when she learned it was coming from the west, she was sent to investigate it. She never returned. Only the wreckage of her helicopter was found, and she was presumed dead. The Desert Rangers rejoiced when she strode back into their camp a few years later.

She came back even harder than before, but also sadder. Too many friends had died while she was away. So when the Patriarch's call for help came from Colorado, Angela was the first to sign up, and General Woodson made her the leader of the advance team. She hasn't been seen since.

~ Desert Rangers Wasteland Survival Guide


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