Anger Management for Angry Managers

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Anger Management for Angry Managers
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Anger Management for Angry Managers is a book in Wasteland 2.

Background[edit | edit source]

A broad, well-bound book illuminated throughout with fantastical images. The leather has a strange, warped rubbery texture and a faint green glow.

Transcript[edit | edit source]


Congratulations, reader! What you hold in your hands will not just solve your problems, but the problems of all people around you!

THAT'S RIGHT. Stop and think about it. Look to your left. Now look to your right. Who close to you have you not hurt with your anger? Now go to a mirror and look into it. Really look. Because no matter what, no one's been hurt by you more than YOU.

But this book has your answers.


How do I know I am an Angry Manager?

- Shout at an employee at least once a day?
- Never allow anyone an extra second in their lunch break?
- Fire more people than you hire?
- Have a hard time compromising?
- Notice people go real quiet when you walk into the room?
    ***scrawled in the margin: ""Sick your dogs on your men???

You may very well be an Angry Manager!!

""So what should I do?""

First and foremost: Pay attention to the signs of anger as they appear. Knots in stomach. Clenching hands. ""Seeing red"". Tensing up of the body. These are all warning signs that may come well before your anger actually expresses itself. This is the time to stop yourself before your anger affects others and yourself.

So how to help yourself help others? Here are our Top Ten Tips for Anger Management:

1. Think before you speak. What are you about to say? And how will it affect people around you? Give yourself a few seconds to figure this out.
2. Get some exercise. A brisk walk around the block or a quick run will do wonders for your equanimity.
3. Take a timeout. It's not just for kids! Put yourself in the corner for a while.
4. Focus on the physical sensations of anger. Focus on the way it's making you feel, and this will actually put your mind at east.
5. Stretch, roll or massage physical points of tension, especially after doing #4.
6. Dance to the music! Put on your favorite jams and just move the anger away!
7. Use humor to release tension. The right joke at the right time helps cool everybody down.
    ***scrawled in the margin: ""Avoid ""your momma"" jokes from now on.""
8. Punch a pillow, relieve your anger on an inanimate object in private.
    ***scrawled in the margin: ""Shooting it also works
9. Stick with ""I"" statements. Beginning with yourself before talking about others will help stop you from purely blaming others for problems that may well be yours.
10. Count to 10.

And there you go! It's really that simple! With these ten easy tips you are GUARANTEED* to never have issues with anger again. You will find yourself happier and more relaxed boss, and your employees happier and more productive!

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  • Note: results not actually guaranteed.

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