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The ability to communicate with animals, and get them to do what you wish.

In reality, this means hostile Whispered animals will leave the map and non hostile animals can be Whispered as Animal Companions.

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Animal Companions Edit

There can be a maximum of three Animal Companions in one party, which can be all three following one member or one given to three separate characters etc. Each Animal Companion gives a +1 bonus to the affected character for a certain attribute and one character may hold only one animal per type and no more than three. Should your try to Whisper a fourth animal companion, the oldest animal companion from the previous three will be automatically disbanded and thus it is suggested you talk to the animal that you want to disband and do it manually instead of losing a highly useful companion by mistake.

Currently there isn't a way to transfer animal companions between characters. If you disband a companion, it can't be Whispered back to another character, nor can an animal already in party be Whispered.

Aberforth seems to have tendency to move back to Ranger Citadel if dismissed and also the places where you have found your pets seem to regenerate the supply when you enter the place again.

Having four Rangers, three Companions, three pets, Vax, Night Terror and the Provost starts to create movement problems especially during the combat, when some characters can't move at all when someone is blocking their path to all directions and also off combat movement trough party takes forever for selected characters though the meat wall. Be warned. Try to avoid blocking your party any more by trying to start combat at open area instead of small corridors.

Known Animal Companion Bonuses: Edit

Squishy Pets have 1 HP and thus die really easily. One explosion near party and all your squishies are gone. Also some enemies seem to have tendency to attack squishies and usually kill them instantly if they hit.

Combat Pets have 25 HP and tend to Zerg-rush enemies and die in the process. These are even harder to keep alive than the Squishy Pets, who at least can be positioned behind the party and just stand in place until combat is over.

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Wasteland 2 Director's Cut
The following information is from the Wasteland 2 Director's Cut only, and is NOT included in the Wasteland 2 Original Game.
Skill Perk
3 Camel
6 Big Game Hunter

Notes Edit

This seems to be a reference to the Fallout perk 'Animal Friend', which has a similar in-game effect.

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