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Travelers, I can smell the loneliness of the empty wastes upon you. I have seen your coming, and know why you are here.

Anna is a character found in Rail Nomads camp, Boxcar 5.


A pillowy, voluptuous woman, dressed in the tattered remnants of several sets of lingerie. She looks at you with heavily painted eyes., Anna is a hooker selling her wares in the rail nomads' camp. She isn't particularly picky about who she sleeps with, as long as she gets paid.


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This character has other interactions.
  • As stated, she is a hooker. The player can have their Rangers sleep with her for 15 scrap apiece, contracting Drippy Dragon (male) or Crusty Crabs (female) in the process. The chance appears to be random, purely luck-dependent.
  • After making peace between the Topekans and Atchisons, Anna will renounce her life of being as a Prostitute and give the player Anna's Eagle Feather.