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Arapaho Caravan is a location in Wasteland 3.


A wrecked caravan in the middle of a sleepy suburban street. The trucks have been shot and smashed up and looted. What remains of Arapaho Convoy 44 is a sorry sight.

Points of interest[]

  • This is a small, compact area. The central street is occupied by the wrecked caravan, with Scar Collectors swarming over the site. They are heavily armored and very dangerous, especially for a team fresh out of Colorado Springs. You can tip the scales in your favor by sneaking around and getting the drop on them through the door immediately by the area you're in. You need Lockpick 4 to access the locked door, where you'll be able to save Georgia Overdrive with a suture kit from bleeding out and eventually get the option to shut down all of the Scar Collectors' turrets by disabling the generator with Mechanics 3. Then you can fight them a bit more fairly - and even the odds even more if you bring the Kodiak to bear.
  • Other than that, the area is a looters heaven. You can search the northern part of the area for a dead Arapaho with the Murdercross Helmet and access the basement with Lockpick 5. The stash has a collectible tape and the Explosives skill book.
  • After the fight, you can help Shotgun with an injury kit and with Kiss-Ass 5 you can convince Drive-Train to give you 10 repair kits.



If decided to save the caravan first during Heads or Tails[]

If saved the Hoon family first during Heads or Tails[]

Notable loot[]