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Armor Class (AC): The level of protection a character has against weapons, physical attack, and other forms of damage. The higher the armor class, the better.
~ Wasteland manual

Armor Class (AC) determines the quality of a suit of armor. The higher the AC, the stronger and more protective the armor is.
~ Fountain of Dreams manual

Armor Class is the core element of Wasteland and Fountain of Dreams combat.


Each point of armor class shaves off a single dice from the damage calculation (acting as a -1d6 modifier).

For example: if a Ranger wears a bullet proof shirt and is attacked by a creature that deals 3d6 damage, the game shaves off two dice and the critter only deals 1d6 damage.

Armor Class of creature is used also for number XP that earns character if he/she kill that creature:

XP = (AC + 1) * BaseXP

For example: Mailed Wolf have BaseXP 40 and AC 4. Then player earn (4 + 1) * 40 = 200 experience points for each killed Mailed Wolf.

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