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Armor penetration is a vital element of Wasteland 2 combat. It determines how much damage is done to the target, if any.

How it works

WL2 Armor Penetration.png

There are two factors involved:

If the weapon's penetration rating is above or equal to the target armor rating, the weapon deals 100% of the damage.

If the weapon penetration is below the target's armor rating, though, the damage is reduced. How much damage is dealt is determined by dividing the weapon penetration score by the armor rating and multiplying the result by 100%.


  • A raider with a weapon that has a penetration of 1 fires at a Ranger wearing a leather jacket with an armor rating of two. Dividing the weapon penetration by the armor rating, we obtain the figure ½, which, when multiplied by 100%, gives us a damage modifier of 50%.