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Army Revolver is a handgun in Wasteland 3.


This revolver was ancient even before the war. For a Ranger, it symbolizes history, duty, and frontier justice.


Field stripping results[]



  • Ironically, the in-game model of "Army revolver" is based on the Colt's famous 1851 "Navy" model. That said, the 1851 Navy was never actually issued to the eponymous branch (it was named so as a tribute to the Texas Navy, which saved the fledgling Colt company by purchasing their early revolvers), and was mainly used by civilians and land troops — which is exactly what its ingame name says.
  • The 1851 Navy Colt revolver was favored by the Man with No Name from Sergio Leone's Dollars Trilogy, played by Clint Eastwood — an iconic dispenser of frontier justice, regardless of which side of the law it got him on.