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The Church Vigilant is the eyes and ears of the Militia. It gathers information through spying, study, and yes, torture, then compiles it and passes it on to the other branches... who then of course ignore it and do what they wanted to do in the first place.

Confessor Ascension McDade is the head of the Church Vigilant of the God's Militia.


Bearing long-healed scars of old rope burns half hidden under his cuffs, McDade was once a prisoner of the God's Militia. He has joined the Militia and the Church Vigilant, eventually becoming its head, the Confessor.

Years of torturing folk and extracting information have turned him into a weary, old man, keenly aware of the corruption among the ranks of the faithful. He was meeting Veronica from Hollywood in secret, contributing to his disaffection with the Militia's current course. If the players talk about him being the "Broken Man", he will admit he has fallen in love with Veronica.


WL2 Skill Icon Smartass.png
This character starts quests.

Help Ascension McDade find evidence against Malediction Mayweather.

WL2 Skill Icon Hardass.png
This character is involved in quests.

Find out who Veronica's Broken Man is
Find Ascension McDade in Hollywood
Help Ascension McDade retake the Bastion
Cement the peace between Hollywood and the Bastion by freeing the penitents and wiping out the salt dealers and the slavers


  • McDade is one of the three men who can provide the Rangers with the key to the Bastion's radio tower. He requires damning evidence on Malediction Mayweather, which can be obtained from Fealty Mayweather.
  • Putting McDade in charge will cause Jones to stage a coup after damning evidence is obtained. Defeating Jones will put McDade and the Militia on a conciliatory course with the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce.
  • The players can discover he is the "Broken Man", upon which he will admit his love for Veronica. This revelation leads to the start of ensuring peace between Hollywood and God's Militia.
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