Aspen is a settlement in Wasteland 3.


Aspen is a town in the state of Colorado that has existed since before the nuclear war. The town survived but like most of the region, had its climate transformed into like that of a tundra.

At some point, a man known as "The Patriarch" took over the region with the help of the members of the Hundred Families, some of their elite held control over Aspen and turned it into a resort town, where the rich came to spend their vacation.

When Patriarch's adult sons started a fratricidal war over his empire, one of them named Victor kidnapped members of Ranger Team November and retreated into the town, taking over it with the help of his gang called the Breathers, slaughtering and kidnapping many of the inhabitants.



Aspen is the only location available in the alpha test demo of Wasteland 3.

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