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The Atchisons are one of the constituent tribes of the Rail Nomads.


Commonly considered hard working, honest folk, the Atchisons are responsible for laying down the rails and maintaining them. While all three clans maintained an uneasy truce around 2087, a few years later violence erupted between them when engine number 9 was derailed, destroying an entire train and claiming Kekkahbah's arm.[1] Since then, the two tribes have been at odds, with the Atchisons faring decidedly worse against the richer and better equipped Topekans. Santa Fes were already chased away by the Topekans by the point the Atchisons were forced out of their primary camp into the desolate hills south.

Since then, Casey James waged a terror campaign, using his Atchisons to sneak in and plant improvised bombs throughout the Rail Nomads' camp. These continue to claim lives of adults and children alike, and have caused Kekkahbah to institute a zero tolerance policy aimed to beat the Atchisons into submission: Any Atchison caught by Topekans gets hanged at the southern gates as a warning to the rest. Casey James remains unrelenting in his desire to wipe out the Topekans.


  1. Casey James: "The Topekans think they're the gods of the railway, and we're just their slaves. Well they might run the trains, but we Atchisons lay the tracks and keep 'em in shape, and we oughta get our share of the profit from all the rail trade. That's what all this is really about. Blaming us for wrecking the *train*? That's just *Kekkahbah* trying to justify not giving us our share. Well, we're not gonna take it."