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Character attributes[]

Each character attribute is bound to one or more skills. The bound attribute is added to the skill level when making skill checks. This can make a high attribute more effective than the skill being checked in many circumstances. {eye:Does the total attribute value get added, or just values over 10, 15, or any arbitrary number?}

**Strength** **Bound to** Typically used in skill checks to break or move something. Pugilism Factors into melee damage. How much? Swim

||**IQ**||**Bound to**|| ||Typically used to solve puzzles||Perception|| ||Only way to raise Skill Points is to raise IQ (If you play fairly)||Demolitions|| || ||Alarm disarm|| || ||Bomb disarm|| || ||Medic|| || ||Cryptology|| || ||Metallurgy|| || ||Electronics|| || ||Toaster repair|| || ||Doctor|| || ||Clone tech|| || ||Cyborg tech||

||**Luck**||**Bound to**|| ||The #1 stat. Believed to help with skill checks, known to increase ranged damage and to-hit (How much?)||Brawling Note: This is for brawling checks, not to determine number of h2h attacks|| ||Known to increase melee to-hit and damage as well. May have other effects.||Gambling||

||**Speed**||**Bound to**|| ||Determines attack order for melee combat||Combat shooting (Does this skill do anything???)||

||**Agility**||**Bound to**|| ||Typically used in skill checks for reflexes, dodging cacti & mines?||Climb|| ||Affects monster's to-hit in melee? If so, how much?||Acrobat|| || ||Silent move||

||**Dexterity**||**Bound to**|| ||Affects ranged to-hit. How much?||Clip Pistol|| ||Boosts almost all combat skills and fine motor control skills||Knife fight|| || ||Rifle|| || ||Knife throw|| || ||Assault rifle|| || ||AT weapon|| || ||SMG|| || ||Picklock|| || ||Slight of hand|| || ||Forgery|| || ||Safecrack|| || ||Helicopter pilot|| || ||Energy weapon||

||**Charisma**||**Bound to**|| ||Affects NPC refusal rate.||Confidence|| || ||Bureaucracy||

    • Level**

Used in a few places to alter messages, can be used to limit encounters to a level capped system?