Bad Attitude is a weapon in Wasteland 2.


The gun was designed by Ethil Mercaptain who was inspired by a shotgun of a raider warlord Ace had bought back. She attached spikes and also mohawk alongside its sights which makes them useless. It was modified to provide heavier stopping power which negatively impacts its accuracy.


A submachine gun customized by Ranger R&D Expert Captain Mercaptain, Bad Attitude is a gun so mean and ugly it'll rub off on you. It'll make people hate and fear you, but who knows? Maybe you can use that to your advantage.


Bad Attitude is a unique tier 1 submachine gun that alerts enemies in a 21 unit radius. It is only available from Captain Ethil Mercaptain if you have a requisition order from Flintlock Eggleston who'll give it to Mercaptain after you hand him Ace's Ranger Star.

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