Bart is a character in Wasteland 2.


Bart, short for Bartholomew, is a cowboy working under Jill Yates. He is a good marksman and is adept at moving stealthily, but is a little dumb and often misses things right in front of him.

In 2102, his group was ambushed by raiders in the Canyon of Titan before they could obtain an escort from the Mad Monks. Bart was sent to get help, but was waylaid by raiders who locked him up and decided to ransom him back.

Player interactionsEdit

The door to Bart's cell can't be unlocked and will need to be destroyed with an explosive or you'll need a level 5 rank in Brute Force to bust it open.

Once freed, you'll need to decide whether to let him follow you or leave the raider outpost on his own, which won't be a problem if you took out the Honey Badgers along the way.

He'll part ways with you after you leave the outpost and inform you that he's heading to Damonta. He can only be encountered there in case you rescued him.

If you agree to help Jill find her cows in Damonta, she will ask you to let Bart accompany you. You can accept or deny this request


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