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Base Cochise is the final location in Wasteland.


Among fragments of old buildings ruined by a nuclear blast stands the reinforced concrete dome housing the entrance into Base Cochise. Defended by roof-mounted weapon pods and titanium doors, it is the source of the robotic menace that sweeps the wasteland, aiming to destroy any and all life.

Cochise was originally named Sleeper Two and was a twin facility of Sleeper One under the directorship of Irwin John Finster. It was here that the Cochise AI was born after Major Harrison Edsel was transferred in 1984, out of Finster's AI designs and Edsel's electronics acumen. Having suffered a direct nuclear hit in the Great War, the base's surface facilities have been all but ruined, but the main dome and the base underneath have survived.[1]



It is located at the far northwest corner of the map. Unprepared Rangers entering Base Cochise (that is, without at least Pseudo-chitin armor and Energy Weapons) will be eradicated by incredibly lethal robots before they even get close to breaching the doors. Base Cochise can be entered only with the proper Secpass, which can be obtained at the Sleeper Base. You can get to Base Cochise via two main methods:

  • Walking up to the front gate and knocking.
  • Flying the Helicopter from the Guardian Citadel.

If you aren't sure about your party holding up against some of the toughest baddies in the game, you might want to take the helicopter route, at least, if you find that the Guardians aren't as tough as the Cochise robots. The helicopter will knock out some of the perimeter defenses on the way in, and you can enter from the roof. Then again, if you're looking for a good scrap, you might want to walk up and crawl the perimeter instead, and soak up all that high-value experience!