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Big Trouble in Little Vegas is a quest in Wasteland 3.


Faran Brygo - or someone in his organization - may have helped the Dorseys slip into Colorado Springs. Sheriff Daisy sent her best inspector to investigate, but she hasn't heard back from him. She asked us to check on her agent and take down Brygo.


  • Another taste of bitter politics at play in Colorado Springs. As it turns out, Faran Brygo has found refuge in Colorado Springs, establishing a very popular nightclub in the city. All would be fine if it wasn't for the fact that Isaac Reed squealed that someone in Brygo's organization has been involved in organizing the Dorsey raid. Sheriff Daisy asks you to investigate the matter and track down her undercover investigator, Delgado, at Little Vegas.
  • Head over to the nightclub, just by the entrance to the Garden of the Gods at Downtown Colorado Springs. Inside you'll be greeted with the usual hustle and bustle of a nightclub. Pushing through the crowd, you can talk to Charley Knowes, who will - in between various tall tales - reveal that he's preventing people from going into the back rooms. With this obvious hint, you can either shoot your way through - bad for the reputation, but, you know, it's there - or go upstairs to talk to the big man himself.
  • You can ask Brygo questions, but to get him to spill the beans, you need Kiss Ass 3, which allows you to play the subtle game. He will hint that you can try talking to people who had grudges against the Patriarch and would have let the Dorseys into the city.
  • To advance the investigation, head on over to the brothel and have a talk with Ken Doll. In return for $100 (negotiated down to $50 with Barter 5), you will learn that Delgado ran afoul of Brygo, asking too many questions about Dorseys and was pulled into the back areas of the nightclub. You can also get this information for free by passing and intimidation check with the 182 Mercenaries.
  • Charley Knowes will cave in and offer you a name: MacTavish, at the machine shop across town. If you manage to get MacTavish to squeal and clear Brygo's name, you can have Delgado. Head over there. Brygo will only sign off on Charley's plan.
  • The shop foreman will engage you in dialogue when you enter the room immediately. Then, unless you beat a retreat, he will attack. You have to deal with four henchmen, one foreman, and a turret. Loot the room after clearing it and head to the back room. Gather all your Rangers near the intercom and he will let you in. Once you squeeze the fat Scot, he will crack and offer you $500 in return for letting him skip town. You can negotiate that to $300 with Barter 4, accept, or threaten him. He'll crack completely and reveal that he was the one to let the Dorseys into the city in revenge for what the Patriarch's law did to him (he lost his nose and ears, thus the mask). Once you learn that Brygo didn't participate in the attack, you can decide MacTavish's fate: Put him in custody of the Rangers, the Marshals, or let him go.
    • Letting the Marshals arrest him grants a +5 to reputation with the Marshals. Loot the locker in the back for the note to MacTavish and other goods. This will hint at Brygo having at least some knowledge of the activities of MacTavish. If you discuss this note with Sheriff Daisy (+1 reputation) before you return to Brygo you get her permission to stop him at all cost. Arresting MacTavish and handing him over to the Marshals gives another +5 reputation.
  • Return to Brygo. The final talk is a confrontation, where you can:
    • Arrest Brygo. This makes him rather hostile and shuts the nightclub down. You can't get out of the situation peacefully unless you distract the enforcer by the HVAC control near the entrance to Brygo's lounge (the pair of drunk patrons near the disco floor can be egged on with Kiss Ass 3) and hack it with Nerd Stuff 4 or you can get the password by 'aiding' Benjie Braddock in the Brothel section. (You'll have to carry injections such as jitter, focus etc to start the conversation and enhance his bed performance) Thus equipped, you can make Brygo stand down. Brygo by the balls indeed. Sending Brygo to Ranger HQ nor the Marshals neither raise any reputation.
    • Kill Brygo. If you showed the note to MacTavish to Sheriff Daisy you can kill him and all thugs in the casino while getting the same amount of reputation (+15) for arresting and sending him to the Marshals.
    • Offer to scapegoat MacTavish. Brygo will offer his own men to staff the HQ's armory to sweeten the deal. With Barter 6, you can negotiate for additional $200. Note that it's a package deal. If you get offered the deal, the only way out is to violently murder Brygo and his people.
    • When you head to back room to retrieve Delgado you will be confronted by a group of Marshals. You will be asked to assist them and arrest Brygo. If you deny you will have to fight the Marshals (Brygo's men will help during the fight).
  • Return to Daisy to complete the quest. She will only be pleased if you shut the club down and have Brygo under Marshal's custody or you showed the note to MacTavish beforehand to get the allowance to kill him. Otherwise, you're at various degrees of displeasure. Delgado, if alive, will be assigned to Ranger HQ as Armory master.
Other outcomes
  • If you clear Brygo, you will receive Joey Bagodonuts as your armory master and Daisy will not be pleased and you will get -15 reputation with the Marshals. The Little Vegas will stay open.
  • Arresting Brygo gains +10 reputation with the Marshals, and another +5 if Brygo is handed to them. The Little Vegas will be closed down permanently.
  • Killing Brygo, either by instantly attacking him or turning on him while the Marshals show up will get you +15 reputation with the Marshals. In addition you will get Black and Jack as battle trophy. Likewise, The Little Vegas will get shut down permanently.


Raw strings[]

Big Trouble in Little Vegas
Look for Delgado at the Little Vegas nightclub.
Find a way into the back rooms of the Little Vegas.
Rescue Delgado and arrest Faran Brygo.
Confront MacTavish at the Machine Shop in Downtown.
Negotiate with Faran Brygo.
Free Delgado from the back rooms of Little Vegas.
Return to Sheriff Daisy.
Return to Sheriff Daisy.
Talk to Faran Brygo.
Free Delgado from the back rooms of Little Vegas.
Free Delgado from the back rooms of Little Vegas.
Faran Brygo - or someone in his organization - may have helped the Dorseys slip into Colorado Springs. Sheriff Daisy sent her best inspector to investigate, but she hasn't heard back from him. She asked us to check on her agent and take down Brygo.\n\n\n[Reward: Ranger HQ armory officer]
Sheriff Daisy sent Inspector Delgado to Brygo's nightclub, Little Vegas. We should talk to Brygo, his lieutenants, and the patrons to find leads.
Delgado was last seen getting pulled into the back rooms of the Little Vegas nightclub. We need to find a way back there.
Looks like a peaceable solution to this investigation has become impossible. We'll need to arrest Faran Brygo and rescue Delgado by force.
According to Charley Knowes, the real traitor is one of Brygo's thugs, a guy named MacTavish. If we can get MacTavish to admit that he acted alone, that will clear Brygo, and we can resolve this whole thing peacefully. We'll find MacTavish at the machine shop near Pillory Square.
MacTavish admitted to helping the Dorseys. We can use this information to convince Faran Brygo to release Delgado.
Brygo agreed to release Delgado. We should now be able to access the back rooms.
We should go back to the marshal station and tell Daisy about our deal with Brygo.
Sheriff Daisy was angry that we made a deal with Faran Brygo and killed Marshal Lupinski. We may have permanently soured our relationship with the marshals... but Brygo was grateful, and he sent some of his capos to manage our Armory at Ranger HQ.
We should return to the Marshal station and tell Daisy what happened at the Little Vegas.
Sheriff Daisy was happy that we raided the nightclub, despite Delgado's death. It sounds like she's wanted to shut down Faran Brygo's organization for a long time. She sent Marshal Dinh to manage our Armory at Ranger HQ.
Sheriff Daisy was happy that we raided the nightclub. It sounds like she's wanted to shut down Faran Brygo's organization for a long time. She sent Inspector Delgado to manage our Armory at Ranger HQ.
We talked to Charley Knowes about MacTavish's role in the Dorsey attack. He claimed MacTavish acted alone, and that he's certain we can come to a peaceable agreement if we go talk to Brygo.
Brygo agreed to release Delgado after we took control of his ventilation system. We should now be able to access the back rooms to free Delgado.
It's impossible to finish this mission now that we've gone rogue.
With Brygo dead, we just need to reach the back rooms, find Delgado, and give him the good news that he's free.
We told Sheriff Daisy about MacTavish, but she didn't believe that he acted alone. She insisted that Brygo always knows what his subordinates are doing. Daisy wants us to arrest Brygo and shut down his club.
Charley Knowes, one of Mr. Brygo's capos, is guarding the door to the back rooms. It doesn't seem like he'll let us in without a fight.
The nightclub staff are claiming that they haven't seen Delgado. If we keep asking around, maybe one of them will be more cooperative.
We showed MacTavish's letter to Sheriff Daisy. She said that it proves Brygo knew about the impending Dorsey attack and didn't tell anyone... and that's treason. She asked us to confront Brygo and bring him in, dead or alive.