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The Blood Cult was a post nuclear religion that operated in Needles alongside the Servants of the Mushroom Cloud, seeking to convert the inhabitants of the town to their beliefs. In 2087 they were revealed to be connected to a series of brutal murders that took place in Needles.


Little is known about the history of the Blood Cult, only that it was originally founded by a man who would simply refer to himself as the Blood Priest. The cult established itself in Needles were it build the Temple of Blood, their shrine of worship that also contained torture chambers and an arena designed like a chessboard people had to go through in order to reach the temple's inner sanctum; the Temple of Blood Island where the leader of the cult, the Blood Priest resides.

The cult practised a series of rituals and customs that involved blood and they used an object called the Bloodstaff for these. Eventually the members of the Blood Cult caused a series of heinous murders in which they caught outsiders and drained them completely of their blood, leaving their bodies in the streets. One of their victims was a Servant of the Mushroom Cloud whose body they left in the Ammo bunker.


When the Desert Rangers arrived in Needles both police investigator Spam Shade and the local priest of the Servants of the Mushroom Cloud asked them to investigate the murders. The priest also asked the Desert Rangers to retrieve the Blood Staff for him. When the Rangers discovered that the Blood Cult was responsible for the murders they shut the cult down permanently.