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Blue's log is a lore book in Wasteland 3.


A page from Blue's log book talking about the earliest days of Steeltown.



Man, the stars in Abby's eyes when she looks at this ruin. That's what I love about her. She can see potential in anything, even a place like Pueblo.

It's not going to be easy though, and I'm worried her enthusiasm is going to kill some of these poor bastards who Buchanan is sending to work for us. She's in such a rush to clear the rubble and start rebuilding that she's driving them to work overtime, and without taking hardly any safety precautions.

We had some guys set charges to bring down a smokestack today, and nobody called 'fire in the hole' before they lit the fuse. Came down right where some other guys were clearing fencing. It's a goddamn miracle nobody got hurt, and we cannot be relying on miracles. Got to get some protocols in place.


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