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Blue Spector is a character in Wasteland 3: Battle of Steeltown.


A talented, if disorganized engineer from the Motor City Combine, Blue has been Abigail Markham's longtime partner, confidante and lover. Together, they abandoned the Combine just as The Buckeye Republic started rolling in, taking Di (a Canadian almost-synth they recovered) and going west, eventually reaching Colorado. Together, they've established Steeltown after Abigail obtained the Patriarch's commission and turned a ruined arcology into a roaring engine of industry. Markham provided the organizational and administrative talent, Blue the empathy and creativity, and Di kept them all on the straight and narrow.

Problems started when Markham decided to build the computation engine, a network of synths lured to Steeltown from Arizona using Di. She developed the synaptic degausser to wipe their minds and allow them to function as an incredibly powerful analytical engine, driving Steeltown's expansion. The problem is, Markham did not consider them to be sentient beings, just extremely advanced robots - and Di's insistence on that didn't help. Blue disagreed and took the degausser with him, disappearing into the scrapyard, hoping that this will make Markham reconsider.

She didn't. She built the computation engine and enslaved the synths, turning them into one supercomputer masterminding the operations of Steeltown. Blue resorted to a guerrilla campaign, raiding the factory with his Ghost Gang and trying to find a way to make Markham see reason. When the Rangers come, he realizes that he has his opportunity - but also fears the unpredictable nature of the wasteland's most accomplished warriors.


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