Brawling: Any fighter who can wander through a full-fledged bar fight without getting much more than a scratch is either very lucky or highly skilled in brawling. The higher your skill in brawling, the more attacks (and damage) you get per round in melee weapon combat.

How to Increase Brawling SkillEdit

To increase your Brawling skill, you need to enter into melee combat with weapons other than your Fists (covered by Pugilism) or a Knife (covered by Knife fight). Good weapon choices are the ever-handy Crowbar (feeling like Anticitizen One, anyone?), the Pick ax, Chainsaw, Sledge hammer (sorry, no Super Sledge), Ax, Proton ax, and Bloodstaff. You can also use incredibly silly things such as books to beat people down if you want to push your Brawling skill while fighting the same enemy and not killing them, such as Brother Goliath at the Guardian Citadel.

A good place to train Brawling (as well as any other underdeveloped combat skill) is over at Finster's biological testing grounds located within Darwin. The Humongous Coyote that can be encountered there can boost the character's rank to at least 5, provided he/she can survive.

Additionally, you can use Spear at a distance of 20 feet and increase your Brawling as well. This works great against Brother Goliath and avoids his extra attacks.

Skills Pertinent to BrawlingEdit


Wasteland manual

Wasteland 2Edit

WL2 Brawling Icon

The ability to fight with your fists or fist type weapons.

Survival Points needed02224446668
Base Chance to Hit %226570757983879196102110
Base Critical Hit Chance %0102030405060708090100
WL htds1 007
Wasteland 2 Director's Cut
The following information is from the Wasteland 2 Director's Cut only, and is NOT included in the Wasteland 2 Original Game.
Skill Perk
4 Free-For-All
5 Glancing Strike (Brawling)
7 Opportune Strike (Brawling)
8 Rush 'N Attack
9 Strategic Strike (Brawling)
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