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Broadmoor Heights is a location in Wasteland 3.


Broadmoor Heights gets its name from a dairy that operated in the area during the 1880s. Currently an elite district for the most powerful among the Hundred Families, entrance to Broadmoor Heights is restricted to residents, guests, and servants.

Points of interest[]

  • This is the upper class part of town and you'll be treated accordingly: Like an intruder entering a space where you do not belong. Figures, rich people never change. Your first stop is the Church of the Final Deluge, headed by the Priest of the Final Deluge. Inside you can find Gideon Reyes, the Hundred Families' representative, Miriam Knox, and a locked Cyborg Chicken which requires Animal Whisperer 5. The lever to activate the door is located on the opposite wall.
  • Next to the church there is Deputy Marshal Bowen guarding a malfunctioning Wesson's Servitor Bot.
  • Directly across from the church is a street leading to the Buchanan monument square, with the Wesson Estate on the southern side. Inside you have a lot of free loot, a safe(Lockpicking 6), weapon crates to open and loot, and a heavily trapped kitchen with a broken toaster(Toaster Repair 4) on the counter containing the gold insulated power cord. At the square is another Buchanan monument, with a junk pile in the northwestern corner containing a collectible cassette tape. North of that is the memorial house.
  • At the north end is the Patriarch's Palace, heavily protected by Marshals. You can find Melvin Gilbert and Melissa Howe nearby, by a gas heater.
  • Finally, to the east, just next to the Church, is the Ward estate resident by Elijah Ward and Bellamy Ward. To enter it, you need to hack the servitor (Nerd Stuff 5) and unlock the door (Lockpicking 6) or having proper reason to enter (no, Bellamy is apparently not enough reason). Inside there is a solar collector you can interact with with Mechanics 7 or Weird Science 4. Return to Elijah for +1 Hundred Families reputation boost and few cash reward.
  • Liberty's mother, Laura Buchanna is buried in the park


Notable loot[]