Now that us rangers are gettin' active again, we're startin' to use a lot more ammo, and I'm runnin' low. To make more, I need as much brass, lead, and steel as I can get my hands on, so if you acquire any broken weapon parts - especially the junk that's left over from modding your weapons - bring them back to me, and I'll buy 'em at a premium. I like raw materials, but seein' as how the only metal we get is from our weekly Leve L'Upe deliveries, broken down parts of old weapons will work.
~ Tobias Melson

Broken weapon parts is an item in Wasteland 2.


Obtained by stripping weapons using the Weaponsmithing skill. Bought by Tobias Melson at $15 per unit. An easy way to gather a lot of scrap is to hunt for heavy gunners (eg. from the Red Skorpion Militia) and break down their weapons. Since heavy weapons do not accept any weapon modifications, they will always result in a nice pile of broken weapon parts.

At 5 Weaponsmithing, a character will typically break down a weapon into 9-12 weapon parts, equaling to ~$150 in scrap when selling to Melson. As such, it's worth breaking down any lower tier weapons, since they'll typically sell for much, much less than their equivalent in scrap. Guess it's truly less than the sum of its parts.

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