Brother Shapiro is a character in Wasteland 2.


Shapiro is a member of the Mad Monks, being a new convert to the cult. He was assigned to guard Outpost One of the monks in the Canyon of Titan and escort those paying their tribute.

Player interactionsEdit

Shapiro will tell you that he's not allowed to speak with travellers and will become hostile if other monks at the outpost do. He will accompany you as an escort, if you accept Brother Franks' proposal to collect sludge for the monks.

He won't accompany you after you reach the temple complex in the Temple of Titan or try to leave the Canyon for the wastes, but will stay stationed at the gate or the canyon's entrance in case you want him to accompany you to the canyon.

Shapiro will be killed by Lt. Bridewell if you figure out a way to open the false wall hiding the entrance to the Diamondback Militia headquarters and have him in tow.


Shapiro can sometimes disappear from the game world, if you reload or leave the area while having left him at the temple gate or the canyon entrance.

The only way to prevent this bug is by reloading a prevuous save file where he hasn't disappeared.

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