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The Brygo's Syndicate is a faction in Wasteland and Wasteland 3.


The most accomplished of the post-nuclear criminal organizations that formed in the wake of the nuclear war, the Brygo Syndicate was originally one of two major power players fighting for control over Las Vegas. After removing Fat Freddy, Faran Brygo consolidated his power and became the most feared and respected crime boss/casino owner/oligarch in Las Vegas. The Syndicate was briefly allied with the Desert Rangers during the first war against the Cochise AI in 2087. After fifteen years of heyday, it was nearly broken by the destruction of Vegas in 2102, when the machines returned and the radiation storms that engulfed the city prevented a relief force from arriving. Brygo pulled up his roots and resettled in Colorado Springs, establishing Little Vegas and returning to being a proper crime boss.



Behind the scenes[]


There are some things even global nuclear devastation and its ensuing radioactive fallout can't kill, and the mob is one of them. The Brygo Syndicate is such a criminal organization, founded after the Great War by Faran Brygo, who beat out his rival, Fat Freddy, to become the most feared and respected crime boss and casino owner in Las Vegas.

Despite its nefarious activities, the Brygo Syndicate is not above reaching out to the more lawful elements of the Wasteland to accomplish its goals. Indeed, in the interest of public security (and not losing his empire to marauding robots), Brygo once formed a temporary alliance with the Desert Rangers, supporting their efforts to defeat the Base Cochise AI, and in return asked only for their help in recovering his missing android lieutenant.

~ Desert Rangers Wasteland Survival Guide