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Bullpup sniper rifle is a tier 3 sniper rifle in Wasteland 2.


The shorter barrel helps with mobility but watch your eyes for hot brass.


The weapon alerts enemies (generates noise) in a 36 unit radius.

The best word to describe the Bullpup Sniper Rifle would be "reliable". While it doesn't really shine in any of sniper rifle's key features (the range is not bad but not great, the damage is OK but M16, being an *assault* rifle, still does more - its armor penetration's a bit lower, however), you simply don't have an appropriate replacement for it when you can first acquire it. Even after you find something like SR2000-Argent, you'd hardly replace your trusty bullpup because of its nice 5 AP shot cost, a common trait of this gun and all semi-automatic (SV-V, SVD, PSG1) sniper rifles you'll find later.

The above is not particularly true for the Director's Cut version of this gun, which, while packing more punch (and finally surpassing M16 in that regard),no longer has the nice and handy 5 AP shot cost. Thus, while the bullpup's usefulness has somewhat dropped, one's more encouraged to try out something alternative.


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