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Buzzkill is a quest in Wasteland 3.


Rosie Wong's got another noise complaint. She says there's a terrible cacophony coming from the boarded-up nightclub. The noise is driving her cats crazy.


  • If you elect to arrest Faran Brygo, Little Vegas will shut down and eventually a group of teenagers will move in. Rosie Wong will contact you via radio complaining about the racket and you'll be expected to investigate. To complete the quest, head over to Little Vegas and talk to the teens. There are two groups to take care of.
  • To make the party kids leave peacefully, you can talk to Troy and Brandi, try to pick her up, which will make Troy mention Heather. Brandi will become furious and leave, allowing you to make a Hard Ass 5 check to explain that it will get much worse from there on. You'll be, officially, a buzzkill. But you shut the party down.
  • Alternative peaceful ways is to have party with teenagers: Go to the disco bot and dance with the music. Drink from keg in the middle of the room. Give The Smoking Teen some smoke. After all that talk to Troy and ask him to leave and have party in other place. OR you can ask them to have them party at Ranger HQ.
  • Upstairs is the RPG crew, composed of Jorge, Bryan, Dan, Donna, Christopher. You can talk to Jorge to introduce yourself and get a chance to play Robots and Rangers, invite them over to HQ to play there, or use Hard Ass 2 to disperse them.
    • Playing the game is an interesting scenario inspired by the first game, where you get to use classic skills to track down the gang of the Rowdy Boys. You can still invite them to play at Ranger HQ afterwards, which gives a +1 to reputation.


  • Money

Raw strings[]

Clear the partying teenagers out of the abandoned Little Vegas nightclub.
Return to Rosie Wong in Downtown.
Rosie Wong's got another noise complaint. She says there's a terrible cacophony coming from the boarded-up nightclub. The noise is driving her cats crazy. \r\n\r\n[Reward: [Dropset: DRP_Reward_a2001_Buzkill_Rosie_Nonviolent]]
Rosie thinks a bunch of teenagers have broken into the shut down Little Vegas to throw a party. She wants us to get them to vamoose.
The teens have cleared out of the Little Vegas. Let's inform Rosie.
We managed to disperse the teens peacefully. Rosie was grateful for the quiet.
We invited the teens to continue the party at Ranger HQ. Rosie was grateful for the peace and quiet.
We had to get rough with the teens to get rid of them. Rosie was horrified at our methods, but paid us well.
Rosie's dead, so we no longer need to pursue this noise complaint.
It's impossible to finish this mission now that we've gone rogue.
We cleared out all the teens in main room, but there may still be more in another room.
The teens in the main room seem impressed by our party-hardiness. We might be able to convince Troy to lead them somewhere else.
We've really pissed off the partying teens. Maybe they'll now be open to moving on if Troy leads them.