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Don't know if it's a hoax, or a trap, or what, but I thought you should hear it. Up to you if you want to respond. The signal originates near your current location. Anyway, I'll patch you through.

Call to Action is a quest in Wasteland 3.


We received a call for help from someone calling themselves Morningstar. They claim to be trapped under the ruins of Union Station in Denver.


  • The objective is found at Union Station. You need to find the "tomb" of Morningstar, which is hidden (obviously). After fighting through Hard-Heads (optionally talking Fishlips down with First Aid 7) and meeting Scotchmo in the bar in the western part of the Station, activate the generator in the backroom (Mechanics 9 required or solve puzzle to get all four switches on) and activate the switches on the walls, which will power up a secret door inside the bar (the bottle counter). However, you can't access it just yet due to the secure door in the way.
  • To open it, head north outside the station, fighting through more Hard Heads. Head to the shack to the northwest. You can enter through the front door (Lockpicking 7 or explosives) or by disarming the level 7 traps in the back. Interact with the computer to unlock the database, and will open Morningstar's vault.
  • Return to the bar and enter the vault through the hidden door. You can talk to Morningstar there and learn that it wants to die after a hundred years of being trapped in an abandoned vault. You have two options:
    • Oblige it, which means destroying the AI module before the countdown reaches zero (and kills you in a special ending). You get the Great Communicator out of it.
    • Convince it otherwise with Kiss Ass 7 or Nerd Stuff 8 (diplomacy or pointing out it's simply his programming that needs changes), then Mechanics 7 to disable its defensive matrix during removal (which will otherwise make you go boom).
  • The quest completes once Morningstar is in its new home - or dead. And your team is alive.


Raw strings[]

Call to Action
Locate the entrance to Union Station.
Locate the console which unlocks Morningstar's prison under Union Station.

Use the console to unlock the prison under Union Station.
Find Morningstar beneath Union Station.
Speak with Morningstar beneath Union Station.
Decide Morningstar's fate.
We received a call for help from someone calling themselves Morningstar.
Someone with the codename "Morningstar" has reached out to us for help. They claim to be trapped under the ruins of Union Station in Denver.
We convinced Morningstar to join the Rangers.
Morningstar has directed us to find a terminal somewhere inside Union Station to unlock his prison.
We granted Morningstar's wish. He is dead.
Sounds like this 'Morningstar' is trying to lead us into a trap. We're not touching this.

We've found the terminal Morningstar directed us to. Now to use it to unlock the prison.
Morningstar claims to be trapped under Union Station. We should now be able to get inside the prison and find him.
The prison is open, now we just need to find Morningstar.
Morningstar has been revealed to be an advanced AI operating inside an experimental pre-war car. It wants to die but can't do it without our help. We have a decision to make.
We found corrupted data regarding the facility and Morningstar. It's still unclear who he is, how he got there, or why he needs us to free him.
We've located a locked computer next to a giant, sealed door underneath Union Station, but we still have to find the terminal which unlocks it.
The prison entrance is somewhere inside the old Union Station bar, but we need to find the terminal which unlocks it.
The voice on the radio invoked God, and someone named "the Elder Statesman."