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Carbon fiber is an item in Wasteland 3: Cult of the Holy Detonation.


A rolled-up sheet of the blackest, lightest, sleekest and most badass thing ever produced by materials science.


Map Amount Location
Cheyenne Mountain Entrance 1 In a hidden digsite near a broken toaster (high perception is required).
Observation Level 2 Sold by Goiter.
Loading Dock 1 Crate behind Explosives 8 EMP mine.
Research Level 1 Adjacent storage room in Mycology Lab in a Lockpick 8 container.
Power Storage Facility 2 Behind Lockpick 7 door in Electrical Control Room.
1 Digsite near Animal Research Lab (high perception is required).
The Holy Detonation Chamber 2 Container in K.E.G. room.

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