Armor Types

Name Class AC Buy/Sell
Leather jacketLight1$200 / $100
RobeLight1$250 / $125
Bullet proof shirtLight2$500 / $250
Kevlar vestMedium4$1,000 / $500
Rad suitMedium5$1,350 / $675
Kevlar suitMedium6$1,750 / $875
Pseudo-chitin armorHeavy10$5,000 / $2,500
Power armorHeavy14$30,000 / $15,000
NAME ACHeavy127N/A

Locations & ConsiderationsEdit

In the beginning of the game, you start with no armor. You will begin to find light armor in places like Highpool and Quartz; medium armors begin to become available in Needles. You will ideally want to get the best armor possible for your Rangers for each stage of the game. Rad suits are nice in the early part of the game as they allow you to ignore radiation squares, but they'll feel about as tough as tin foil when you get to the Guardian Citadel and/or Base Cochise!

Most heavy armors don't appear until you unlock the Sleeper Base, Base Cochise and Darwin by beating the Las Vegas Sewers, found underneath the Temple of the Servants of the Mushroom Cloud. You will need either the Sonic Key (find it off Cyborg Commandos in the Vegas streets) or complete the Bloodstaff quest chain in Needles and give the Bloodstaff to Charmaine to get into the Sewers.

Oddly, since the Pseudo-chitin armor in the Sleeper Base is sealed behind a door requiring Secpass B to enter (which is found in the Cardinal's office in the Guardian Citadel), you may wind up using only two of the Pseudo-chitin suits found at the Sleeper Base. This is because there are five suits of the superior Power armor in the "Rosebud" vault located in the Inner Sanctum of the Guardian Citadel! You will require at least one character with an extremely high Strength attribute to raise the portcullis in the Outer Sanctum to reach the Inner Sanctum, but once that's done, you're in!

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