Skills are picked during character creation and, generally speaking, increase in level with use. Skill use outside of combat also earns you experience (for example, using Climb)

After character creation, new skills can be learned (and current skills increased) by visiting libraries. For example, a library may be found in Darwin in the north-east corner. To train a skill, you may spend additional skill points on it, or use it as often as possible.

You should never have more than 29 skills on a single character. Learning a 30th skill prevents you from using libraries to further train the skills that character has.

Skill Name IQ SKP Notes NPC


3 1 The higher your skill in brawling, the more attacks you get per round in hand-to-hand combat.


3 1 Trained on the sand dunes in SE Needles.

Clip pistol

3 1 All new characters start out with a clip pistol so it's a good idea to train.

Knife fight

3 1 Covers knives only.


3 1 Covers fist fighting.


3 1 The use of rifles in combat.


3 1 This skill maxes at 6 in the river on the main map.

Knife throw

6 1 Covers Throwing knives.


6 1 Provides additional information in various places in the game. No one should be without it.

Assault rifle

9 1 If you’re using an AK-97 or M1989A1 assault rifle, this skill helps you fire, load, and unjam it quickly. A skill that ranks up there in importance with walking and breathing.

AT weapon

9 1 Helps you recognize and use anti-tank weapons like LAW rockets. A handy skill to have should you encounter something far tougher than your Ranger instructors ever told you about.


9 1 Lets a character control basic submachine guns like the Uzi or Mac 17. May make a big difference when you’re outnumbered three to one by bandits who’ve decided that they want the gold from your teeth.


10 1 On the sand dunes in SE Needles, you can max this skill to 3.


10 1 This skill can reach level 10. Dr. Mike Scott has Gamble 4.


10 1 This can get you into places where you want to go, but where other don’t want you to go. Felicia has Picklock 2

Silent move

10 1 This helps you move unnoticed past a guard post; making it tough for enemies to catch up with you. Christina and Covenant have Silent Move 3.

Combat shooting

11 1 Only available on the PC version and only at character creation. It has no function in Wasteland but does in Wasteland 2.


11 1 It’s particularly useful for getting information from people who are suspicious of you. Mort and Mayor Pedros have Confidence 3.

Sleight of hand

12 1 A thieving skill that lets you perform sleight-of-hand tricks – perfect when you need to amaze those you meet.


13 1 Teaches you how much of an explosive substance you can use without blowing yourself up.


13 1 Helps you recognize or create a forged document. Someday you my just need to whip up a security pass to get by some vigilant guards. Felicia and Dr. Mike Scott have Forgery 2.
Alarm disarm 14 1 Trains you to recognize and disable alarms. If you want to get into a place without getting caught, this a good skill to have. Christina has Alarm Disarm 3.


14 1 Even though most of civilization ended with the bomb, an inordinate number of petty bureaucrats managed to survive. This helps you deal with them so you can get when you want. Dr. Mike Scott has Bureaucracy 5.
Bomb Disarm 15 2 Allows you to defuse most explosive devices. Metal Maniac has Bomb Disarm 1.


15 2 Reverts seriously wounded characters to unconscious. Covenant has Medic 3.


15 2 An experience practitioner of this art can open safes sealed even before the holocaust. Metal Maniac has Safecrack 1.


16 2 Gives you the talent to encode and decode messages. Useful in helping you determine what a password might be. Metal Maniac has Cryptology 1.


17 2 Increases your ability to spot, identify, and work with some basic metals. Only used in the Mine. Metal Maniac has Metallurgy 4.

Helicopter pilot

19 3 Used to fly the helicopter found in the Citadel. Only trainable at Sleeper Base.


20 3 You can max this skill to 5 in Base Cochise. Vax has Electronics 5.

Toaster repair

20 3 Repair Broken toasters in the Guardian Citadel. Vax has Toaster Repair 10.


21 3 Reverts seriously wounded characters to unconscious. More effective than Medic. Dr. Mike Scott has Doctor 5.
Clone tech 22 3 Clone your characters at Sleeper Base. Vax has Clone Tech 3.

Energy weapon

23 3 Used to successfully fire,reload, and unjam energy weapons such as the Laser Carbine or the Meson Cannon. Vax has Energy Weapons 5.
Cyborg tech 24 3 Trainable at Guardian Citadel and Sleeper Base. Vax has Cyborg Tech 3.

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