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Cement the peace between Hollywood and the Bastion by freeing the penitents and wiping out the salt dealers and the slavers is a quest in Wasteland 2.


Once Ascension McDade is in control of God's Militia and Veronica leads Hollywood, the two sides agree to reconcile and start peace proceedings. In order for the agreement to hold, however, the slaves of the Militia have to be released and the salt and slavery in Hollywood must stop.


  • Complete this quest before Oust Duke Schwag and install Flo as the manager of the diner to shut down the slaving operation.
  • This is a quest that involves some legwork. First, head to Hollywood sewers and destroy the salt lab. The three tanks in the back have to be blown up. Shoot them or use explosives, your call.( maybe you just do it before votation against Heidi)
  • After votation in Hollywood, Veronica will ask you to kill Heidi, she is located in Hollywood sewers in the lab where , maybe, you just destroyed the tree tanks. first of all kill Her and Sensuari. and go back to Veronica to complete the quest.
  • She will tell you that Ascension McDade now have some problems and that you have to help him. you can find Him in Hollywood, close to los feliz access.
  • He will say that Retribution Jones' revolt up and now you have to kill him. if you pass from Los Feliz all soldiers will be aggressive, kill the only ones that attack you.
  • reach the bastion gate and kill all the ( now agressive ) guards, reach the pen where the pentinents are imprisoned and kill all the enemies and the cannon.
  • now destroy ( brute force ) the panel that open the huge-2 way- metal Door that you just passed in. Finally, release the penitents from the holding pen at the Bastion by talking to Luis Bermudez.
  • now you can enter in the observatory, kill Retribution Jones' and his followers ( hard fight, pull them in so they group up and one shot then with an RPG ) kill aggressive traders too.
  • Finally go in Estatic chamber for the sing.
  • NOTE2: before entering in the observatory you can kill all the Mount lee God's militia agressive soldiers for more XP. because after the signature between Veronica and Ascension McDade they wont attak you anymore.
  • NOTE1: to correctly complete this quest you don't have to attak or make agressives God's militia before starting, and you don't have to kill Retribution Jones using glasses on the table that Malediction Mayweather gives to you for the quest for assassinate Ascension McDade and Retribution Jones.


  • 3000 scrap from McDade