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It's the Hispanic Heritage Month at FANDOM! It's worth noting that Wasteland, 33 years ago, was one of the first games to allow players to create Hispanic characters with the nationality selection. What's more, the starting Hispanic character, Snake Vargas, eventually became one of the most important movers and shakers of the Arizona wasteland, saving the world twice over as a Desert Ranger! If you're interested in learning more about Hispanic heritage and how it's featured in modern entertainment, join the official Fandom HHM Discord server!


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The Character Record[]

This page is about editing the character information in Wasteland. Where it is stored, what the format is, and so on.

The character record is stored in the game1 and game2 file as part of the Saved Game data. The msq header for the game1 saved game is at offset 253C5h. These contain the character record for all party members.

A single character record is 100h bytes long and has the following structure and possible values:

00 - 0Dh ASCIIz Character Name
0Eh Strength
0Fh IQ
10h Luck
11h Speed
12h Agility
13h Dexterity
14h Charisma
15h - 17h Current Money
18h Sex [00 - Male, 01 - Female]
19h Nationality [00 - US, 01 - Russian, 02 - Mexican, 03 - Indian, 04 - Chinese]
1Ah Current AC
1Bh - 1Ch MAX Constitution (MAXCON)
1Dh - 1Eh Current Constitution (CON)
1Fh Pointer to equipped weapon (Offset in characters item list)
20h Skill Points
21h - 23h Experience points
24h Character's level
25h Pointer to equipped armor (Offset in characters item list)
26h - 27h Temp storage of your CON for when you are UNC or worse, its the CON you had just before you went UNC
28h Bitmap of your afflictions, i.e. radiated, diseased
29h NPC flag [1 - NPC, 0 - PC]
2Ah Unknown
2Bh Chance of refusing to U)se a item (npc). Checked against npc's location 31h
2Ch Chance of refusing to U)se a skill (npc). Checked against npc's location 31h
2Dh Chance of refusing to U)se a Attribute (npc). Checked against npc's location 31h
2Eh Chance of refusing to T)rade (npc). Checked against the character being traded to's Charisma
2Fh Unknown
30h String to print when npc joins the party
31h Willingness to carry out a U)se command (npc) //May be used for other willingness checks//
32h - 4Ah ASCIIz Rank string
4B Flag, 1 - Game won, 0 - Game not won yet
4C Flag if you've radioed in after game won. 1 - radioed and received end message and special promotion. 0 - not radioed in yet
4D - 7F Unknown
80 - BB Skills list, 2 bytes each (skill/level)
BC Unknown
BD - F8 Carried equipment, 2 bytes each (item id/current ammo) Current ammo has a weapon status, high bit set weapon is jammed
F9 - FF Unknown

Note on 2Bh, 2Ch, 2Dh and 2Eh above. These are something akin to a "stubbornness" value. It can change as time goes on. If you successfully get a npc to carry out a order, there is a 1 in 20 chance that this value will be lowered by 1. This chance occurs everytime you succeed in getting the npc to carry out a order, and it can be lowered all the way to zero. This adds realism to the game because the longer the npc is with you, the more comfortable he is and will be more likely to carry out your orders.

How the game decides if you level up. The formula is: (New level * New level * 512) - (New level * 512) = xp points needed to go up to new level.


A character in the game can have any, or all of the available skills at any skill level (up to a limit defined by the difficulty of getting enough 'points' to achieve the skill, or the 8-bit limit of 255)*. In general, Skill level 8 is the maximum anyone will get in a normal game, with super-jerks getting up to skill 10 in easy things like gambling. All NPCs come with some pre-defined skills, which make some NPCs great, and others utter lemons, but fun to play nonetheless. (eye:You can get a gambling skill of 11+ VERY early, if you have a high luck. IIRC luck also affects skill rolls (I think Ken said this) so a high luck makes it easier to gain skiils, or at least it seems to me when I play)

There are 2 bytes pertaining to the skills and are at offset 80h in the character record. Byte 1 is the code for the skill listed below. Byte 2 is the level that character currently has in that skill NOTE: There are several "invisible" skills, these are used by the npc's in your party

Here's a complete list of the Skills and their Codes:

01 Brawling 0D Acrobat 19 Medic
02 Climb 0E Gambling 1A Safecrack
03 Clip Pistol 0F Picklock 1B Cryptology
04 Knife Fight 10 Silent Move 1C Metallurgy
05 Pugilism 11 Combat Shooting 1D Helicopter pilot
06 Rifle 12 Confidence 1E Electronics
07 Swim 13 Sleight of Hand 1F Toaster repair
08 Knife Throw 14 Demolitions 20 Doctor
09 Perception 15 Forgery 21 Clone tech
0A Assault Rifle 16 Alarm Disarm 22 Energy weapon
0B AT Weapon 17 Bureaucracy 23 Cyborg tech
0C SMG 18 Bomb disarm
  • Without using an editor you can only hit 162? using the -SP cheat. This is assuming Supreme Jerk is level 162, I may be off on the number some. Also the game limits the number of skills, so you can have almost all, but not every skill on one character.