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The beautiful Charmaine is the leader of the Servants of the Mushroom Cloud cult.


in Las Vegas' nuclear power plant. She has a purple glow around her persona and commands her underlings with an iron fist... though given her beauty (the most beautiful woman in the wastes) it's not a problem for them. She also has a laser pistol hidden inside her robes that she uses to fend off any undesirables.

Charmaine furthers the plot of Wasteland by being the recipent of the Bloodstaff and opening the passage to Las Vegas Sewers, to Max.

Behind the scenes[]


The charismatic leader of the Servants of the Mushroom Cloud, Charmaine is said to be the most beautiful woman in the Wasteland. Many come for her allure and stay for the strange teachings that venerate the atom and its attendant radiation above all else. Charmaine is an enigma, even to the people in her own church, who claim that a holy purple glow envelops her when she speaks.

Her part in the story of the Desert Rangers is brief but instrumental. It was with her help that Team Alpha gained access to the sewers where they found Max, who led them to Cochise. Little of known of Charmaine's activities afterward, for, soon after the defeat of the AI, clouds of radiation cut off the Desert Rangers from Vegas, a situation that persists to this day.

~ Desert Rangers Wasteland Survival Guide