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Cheyenne Mountain is a location in Wasteland 3: Cult of the Holy Detonation.


Formerly the seat of NORAD, a staple of NATO North American defenses, Cheyenne Mountain survived the war intact, together with all the infrastructure and laboratories that were tasked with pushing back the boundaries of science to give the capitalist world an edge over the communists. Cloning, experimental energy sources, advanced radiation weapons, everything was permitted within the dark hallways of Cheyenne, as long as it would help win the struggle. This was, after all, the most secure facility in America, and the military invited America’s most forward-thinking scientists to do their research here at Cheyenne Mountain. Their crowning achievement was the LIAB Stasis Reactor experiment (a thermonuclear explosion frozen in time), which could fill the batteries of the Energy Storage Facility to capacity in under an hour and even provide energy to the whole state with the right infrastructure (another fun fact: They used to track Santa here and the vending machine in the Research Level hasn’t been serviced since 1989).

When the Air Force abandoned Petersen AFB after the apocalypse, Cheyenne Mountain was where they retreated. Under the command of General Manley, the base tried to maintain a strict chain of command, despite the influx of refugees and soldiers from Peterson Air Force Base. Manley adopted a wait-and-see approach, waiting for orders from Washington and blocking any attempts at destroying property or self-destructing the base. His attitude caused no small amount of strife with the Peterson contingent, eventually culminating in a violent confrontation three months after Citadel Starstation was knocked out of the sky.

With the garrison destroyed in a brief, violent civil war, Cheyenne largely became a derelict, abandoned ruin. At one point, an Irv (a clone of Irwin John Finster) claimed the base's cloning facilities to try and recreate their progenitor and perfect the formula, but was forced interrupt his research due to a bandit attack - spawning the Irv, who fled to Colorado Springs. Most importantly, the LIAB Stasis Reactor experiment was found by a group of religious worshipers, who founded the Primordialists, worshiping the detonation, bathing in its glow, and keeping Cheyenne clear of riff-raff.

However, a rift developed here in recent years between the Primordialists and the Nucleists, which threatens the stability of Cheyenne - and its viability as an alternative source of energy for Colorado Springs.

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Behind the scenes[]

Originally, Cheyenne Mountain was planned to be the heart of a completely different faction and story:

Robot parts, laboratory, engineering infrastructure like temperature controls and water reservoirs - the headquarters of NORAD was built to withstand nuclear war, and it's a self-contained civilization. It is here that the FADERs were born, stationed, and it's thanks to them that it remains largely intact, despite the cave-ins. Vast biological tanks within the bunkers ensure new generations of supersoldiers are born to execute General-3's ambitious plan: Remaking the United States, as per his original orders.

Cheyenne Mountain was broken into several levels:

  1. Entry level. Lots of garages, an armory to protect against incursion, cargo elevator, robot parts.
  2. Training area, library, water reservoir, prisoners, and of course the labs. Not a place you want to get assigned, usually.
  3. Where most of the soldiers live. Storage, cafeteria, gym, hospital, like that. It's also where the cloning tanks are.
  4. The reservoir tanks are here, powerlines and junction boxes, but it's ops and strategy, mostly.
  5. The deepest, unfinished level.