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Assessor Chris VanOverbake is a character in Wasteland 2.


An assessor working for the Red Skorpion Militia, VanOverbake heads its taxation department. He ensures that all the slaves, err, members of the Happy Valley farmer society remain happy and productive, paying what they owe their overseers, err, noble protectors. For anyone who refuses to pay up any of a quadrillion taxes invented to fuel Robert Danforth's war machine, there's always Chaos and the Final Assessment.


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This character has other interactions.

Chris will harass the Rangers and demand that they pay a weapon tax in exchange for safe passing through the Valley. Totaling up to 500 scrap (the amount is variable, could be less than 100 sometimes), there's no point in actually paying it, as VanOverbake will not radio ahead to clear the Rangers for passage.

The best solution is to shoot him in the face. Although he has a large entourage protecting him, it is worth it, as he drops his unique pistol and plenty of loot for the taking.