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Cleric shrine is one of the mysterious shrines erected to commemorate backers.

Location[ | ]

Inside the northern radiation wall, opposite corner from Hollywood. See the map for details.

Location given by Doctor Cleric at Los Feliz in exchange for a bottle of Snake Squeezins.

The shrine can be uncovered by perception.

Layout[ | ]

A two-area shrine. The exterior has a statue granting +1 skill point (and the caption KLERIK U DODJY FUK GAV U MIRKUL DRUG WHAR MY SKRAP I KEEL U, meaning Cleric, you dodgy fuck, I gave you Miracle Drug, where's my scrap? You're dead!). Inside is the ruined Underworld bar, with a painting granting experience, a garbage bag that can be searched, and the caption The Reborners: Live and die in a society that will not repeat the mistakes that led to the destruction of the world.

Notable loot[ | ]

  • 1 skill point from the statue
  • 1300 experience from the plaque in Underworld
  • Hourglass (inside the garbage bag)