Clip Pistol A must-have skill since your initial weapon issue will be either the M1911A1 .45 caliber or a VP91Z 9mm automatic clip pistol. Without this skill, you won't be very accurate with the weapon or have much luck fixing it if it breaks.

Clip Pistol vs. Brawling Edit

When considering Clip Pistol over Brawling, one thing to keep in mind is that the former falls out of favor quickly as the game progresses, with much better ranged weaponry being available at Quartz with no hassle whatsoever.

With the M1911A1 and VP91Z being the only two weapons of its class, there is also very little variation for its use. On the other hand, Brawling has a wide assortment of weaponry available (granted most only do 3d6, but it is the equivalent to that of the VP91Z), with the Chainsaw and Proton Ax being two very capable end-game weapons.

Another essential perk of Brawling is the ability to land more hits (as well as base damage) as the rank increases. Clip Pistol, like other ranged weaponry skills, does not benefit in the same manner, instead being focused on increased accuracy and resolving pistol jams (Brawling does not require reloading and therefore bypasses weapon jams).

One good note of Clip Pistol however is that it does provide some distance from you and the enemy at the beginning, and does not require you to run up to them unlike Brawling. Considering how vulnerable most Rangers are while getting their feet wet, this is a very good perk. However, if the enemy already pops up close to you (like most of the encounters found at the start), then this advantage gets thrown out.

As such, Clip Pistol is best used as a method of gaining a promotion by means of training it in combat (preferably in a controlled environment).


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