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Clouds-Drifting-West is a character in Wasteland 3.


In the bed lies a broken old man, dying from multiple terrible injuries, and breathing only because of a machine. His eyes roll toward you as you approach.

Clouds-Drifting-West is the original prophet and leader of the Godfishers, officially defeated by Saul Buchanan in the Plains Wars. In reality, rather than fight the Godfishers, the Patriarch struck a deal with the warlord: In return for a tribute of humans for the Godfishers to sacrifice on their kites, Clouds would keep his tribe from raiding Colorado and the Patriarch's nation.

The arrangement worked nicely for years: Godfishers gave Colorado a wide berth, sacrificing humans delivered by the Patriarch to entice their gods, and the Patriarch's nation prospered. However, all changed with Liberty Buchanan's rebellion against her father. When she fled Colorado Springs, she started uniting the raider tribes, forming the Savage Council.

Clouds was one of the victims of her meteoric rise to power: She turned Godfishers against Clouds. The prophet was beaten and broken by his people, eventually escaping and coming before the Patriarch, demanding that he make good on his deal. Instead, Saul had him imprisoned in his old bunker, kept on life support ever since.


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This character is involved in quests.

Lords of War


  • Lords of War: Clouds is the original leader of the Godfishers and sheds light on just how Buchanan managed to get the Godfishers to avoid Colorado Springs.